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Travertine Pavers West Palm Beach

WB Pavers is a family owned company with ten years of experience specializing in installation of Travertine pavers in West Palm Beach. We work with experienced and trained professionals to offer our customers the best Travertine pavers service. We offer our expertise in commercial and residential Travertine pavers installations, regarding the installation of Travertine patios and sidewalks.

Also, reparation, conversion, maintenance and other custom projects in all West Palm Beach Metropolitan area and region. Completely removal of your existing structure, and replace it with an elegant and wonderful new structure of your choice. With our great prices and a strong relationship established with major manufacturers, your project will be completed quickly and professionally.

If you are looking for great Travertine Pavers prices in West Palm Beach, best professionals and honesty, think WB Pavers.

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With customers served all over South Florida, from Miami to Port St. Lucie, these are the locations with most jobs completed, so far:

WB Pavers

WB Pavers is a family run and operated business serving South Florida for the last 25 years.

1450 NE 32nd CT
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Phone #1: (954) 899-2159
Phone #2: (954) 708-5786
FAX: (954) 692-9085

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