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Want something different for your pool deck, back yard or patio? How about Travertine? Travertine has been the choice of many home owners that want to spruce up the look and the value of their homes. It will add that classy touch to any area of your home, and should be considered as an alternative to regular Brick Pavers.

Travertine comes in many different and attractive colors. Use one color for your entire pool deck including the coping that goes around the edge of the pool or use contrasting or complimentary colors. One for the deck and one for the pool edge to set it off for a great look. You can even make your deck a pattern of two colors that is unlikely anyone else would have. The choice is yours and WB Pavers can help you along the way.

From the initial measurements, to the final project, WB Pavers’s excellent team of professional installers will make your Travertine project the talk of your neighborhood.

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Some of the Travertine Projects we Can Deliver For You

– Travertine Pool Deck
– Travertine Patios
– Travertine Back Yards

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